Anne of Romania

De: Principele Radu al Romaniei

Anne of Romania

Editura: Humanitas

An aparitie: 2006

ISBN: 973-50-1293-6

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Anne of Romania, de: Principele Radu al Romaniei

The life of the last Queen of Romania, told by Queen Anne during the summer of 1999 to her son-in-law, Prince Radu of Hohenzollern-Veringen, and transformed by the author into a book, will certainly impress the readers. It is the complicated and sometimes dramatic lifestory of a young girl born in the most bourgeois neighbourhood in Paris, le seizième arrondissement, the daughter of Prince René of Bourbon-Parma and Princess Margrethe of Denmark. Educated, as all royal girls, in the spirit of faith, labor, devotion and sense of duty, Anne became, for a half of a century, by her marriage to King Michael of Romania, the Queen in exile of a suffering country. A remarkable life by its constancy, modesty, spontaneity and simplicity.



Anne of Romania


Principele Radu al Romaniei




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Istoria romanilor

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James Christian Brown

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13*20 cm

Anne of Romania, de: Principele Radu al Romaniei


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